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Day 5

Unfortunately I overslept again, still working on engineering a louder alarm clock. The reason this time is basically that the alarms that I’m using are timers set to 20 minutes. Unfortunately the guy who wrote the first alarm clock didn’t think that timer alarms needed any form of persistence (eg snooze). Because of this, my alarms will go off for a few minutes and then eventually assume that I’ve woken up even if I haven’t so much as touched them.

Anyway whatever the case, at work today I was wide awake due to this drastic oversleeping, although I’m fairly convinced that I would have been fine anyway.

At the suggestion of my scientist dad, I’ve decided to record my reaction time over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I missed my chance to get a baseline for this but I’ll be interesting to see if there are any patterns emerging.

The tool I used is here: http://getyourwebsitehere.com/jswb/rttest01.html

My first recording..
9/7/10 11:30pm 275ms

This is low compared to the median and average, I’m a little surprised but I’ll blame it on being sleepy right now as it is right before my nap time.

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