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Reflowster has reached its funding goal!

With 10 days to spare, Reflowster has made its funding goal of $10,000. We’re of course extremely pleased to see this project hit this important milestone and we’ve already been gearing up in preparation for reaching our funding goal. Over the next week or so we’ll be ironing out some more kinks in a new PCB design and shipping it off for printing. The new version of Reflowster has a number of significant changes including a whole new case design and some additional features.  The core functionality, however, is the same.

Stay tuned on Reflowster for more updates as we solidify the plans. We’re hoping to be fully internationally compatible by the time we deliver as well, though we haven’t quite promised this yet.

Reflowster Kickstarter Launched!

Hooray, today the Reflowster Kickstarter officially launched!

Over the next month, we’ll be receiving pledges and posting further updates on the development status of Reflowster as well as commenting on the backing progress.

We’re very excited to finally have this project up and are optimistic about our backing goal and hope that our visitors share our excitement!

As with before, you can follow our progress on Twitter at @Reflowster or visit our website at reflowster.com