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September 5th, 2010:

Day 3

Oops, not only did I oversleep once, I overslept TWICE today. This morning, I overslept my 2:30 am nap until 7:30, very unfortunate. I didn’t feel tired today, probably as a direct result of actually sleeping.. It messed up my nap schedule a bit and I ended up oversleeping another nap in the afternoon for two hours. This morning, I managed to oversleep because my phone’s battery died. I guess it was foolish of me to assume that 20% battery life would last for 20 minutes.. This afternoon I overslept because I only set one alarm and it didn’t wake me. In the future I plan on being extra diligent in setting multiple alarms.

Despite having overslept a few times, I’m not as worried about my adjustment as I was originally. After I overslept this morning I had a nap that I woke up in the middle of remembering a dream. It wasn’t particularly vivid and by now I’m second guessing whether I actually had it. At any rate, I think that my naps will be getting better from here on out.

Its a bit past midnight now, I’m apprehensive about my next two naps which I’ll have to be sure to wake from without any help from my girlfriend. Today I’ve been rather off on my schedule for naps, but today I plan on trying to adhere very closely to my set nap times.