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September 11th, 2010:

Day 8-9

After oversleeping, the day went pretty well, through the night I was able to stay awake fairly easily, probably due to the extra sleep although during the day there were a few times where I nodded off for a few seconds. One thing that I find particularly interesting about the entire thing is that my drowsiness level fluctuates drastically during the day but doesn’t seem to depend on anything in particular. Sometimes I’ll be drowsy right before a nap other times I’ll be drowsy right after a nap. Most commonly, however, I’m drowsy in the early morning. In some cases this drowsiness is extreme and threatens to induce an unscheduled nap, the rest of the time its just a general feeling.

Some other blogger mentioned that he took some extra naps during especially tired times and I’m tempted to try it. The main problem with being drowsy is that if I do fall asleep, I do so without having an alarm set. If I instead decided to take an extra nap, I might be able to avoid this.
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