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June, 2013:

Remote control hot tub

If you’ve ever owned a hot tub, you’ve surely been driving home from a long day or night wishing that the hot tub would be ready for you when you got home. I decided to do something about this.

Because we’re renting, I decided that instead of trying to pull apart the wall unit for controlling the hot tub, I’d go with the more mundane approach of wiring up a servo to push the hot tub button on command. I chose the Electric Imp as my platform primarily because I’ve been experimenting with it recently for another project that I’m working on. Having worked only with PIC microprocessors before, I found the Electric Imp to be surprisingly intuitive and easy to set up and  use. Instead of spending hours tinkering with a breadboard full of wires and a resistor or two, the Electric Imp fits easily into a development board, can be powered by a mini-USB cable, and configures itself to your home WiFi network without too much difficulty through a mobile app.

The Electric Imp, once connected to your wireless network, is accessible via the Electric Imp web application that allows you to track all of your devices and upload code to each one of them as well as configure the way that they interact with each other.

Once getting past some of the initial setup woes inherent in every tinkering project, the programming and wiring was very simple.

2013-06-19 23.15.49